Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Make Your Own Sugar

Start by sowing sugar cane in your backyard... no, no, no, let's jump ahead a few steps!

It's the colored sugar I needed this morning. I was making sugar cookies for church and the only sprinkles I had were orange and black, mixed orange and black, not exactly what I had in mind for my butterfly and umbrella cookies! I could have drug four kids out to the store but that's less appealing than halloween butterflies! So I decided to try a little kitchen chemistry.

Here's what you do: Simply spoon some table sugar into a baggie or bowl. Add a single drop of food coloring. Really, just a teeny tiny bit! Shake or stir (baggie or bowl) until the color coats the sugar. It's that easy. If it's too dark, just add some more sugar. If you've been saving your old spice bottles, like I told you, then you've got a perfect shaker for your new colored sugar. Just be sure the bottle is clean and DRY before you add the sugar. If your sprinklers are as generous and messy as mine are, you'll want to make a big batch! LOL