Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Abraham or Lot?

Genesis tells us about Abraham and Lot. Both had been blessed so much that they couldn't fit all their stuff together. The herdsmen were arguing. Something had to be done. Abraham offered his nephew a solution. They needed to move apart and Abraham offered Lot his choice of land. Lot looked around and took the best land he could find, The Plain of Jordan. He moved his stuff there and set up housekeeping. Abraham took what was left, the Land of Canann. As Abraham settled in his new digs, God blessed his generosity. God told Abraham to look as far as he could, to the east, west, north, and south. That land would be his and his descendents. He would have so many descendents they would number as much as grains of dust on the whole earth! Lot, on the other hand, took the best land for himself, the land near the wicked city of Sodom. Lot was eventually captured and rescued by Abraham, who held no grudge against his nephew's selfishness.

As Adam, Ryan, and I studied Abraham this morning, we talked about selfishness as a part of human nature. We all vowed to be more like Abraham, and less like Lot. It wasn't even an hour later when Ryan and Evan were arguing over which DVD to watch. I asked Ryan, "Are you going to be like Abraham or like Lot?" It was hard, but Ryan let Evan pick the dvd... and Evan picked one they both could enjoy. The blessings have started already. :)