Thursday, July 26, 2007

Do You Scrap?

I know lots of people who spend LOTS of money on scrapbooking. I even admit to a splurge or two. I once got in a bidding war on eBay and paid $5 for a pirate die cut (+ shipping!). But you should see how cute that trick or treat page is... Arrgh! It's Halloween, Matie! If I had a scanner hooked up to this computer, I'd show you. But I digress. I want to share a frugal scrapbooking tip that I discovered yesterday.

I was working on some pictures of Matthew with a box of Cheerios. I know I've seen some cute, cute, cute Cheerios stickers at the store and I imagine they are pretty pricey. I may have even bought some if they'd been convenient. But I was home with four kids and there's no way I was going to run to the mall.

So, I went on-line!! A Google Images search turned up so-o-o-o many pictures of Cheerios and Cheerios boxes. I printed out as many as I could use and Voila! I have the cutest Cheerios page for Matthew's baby book. I used a scrap of acid free paper from my scrap bag so it didn't even cost me any paper, just a little time and printer ink.