Sunday, August 12, 2007

Who's Scared of Godzilla?

I'm boycotting Wal-Mart's Bakery for birthday cakes. This was a hard decision for me. I dearly love the icing but, lately, I'm not too impressed with their artistic vision. I admit to not having any cake decorating skills but *I* do not work in a bakery decorating cakes!! It doesn't take much skill to stick a cheap plastic toy on top of a sheet cake!!

And so, for this weeks Make It From Scratch, I submit this not really made from scratch, but decorated at home, Godzilla birthday cake. I used a cake mix and canned frosting. BUT, I decorated it myself (as if you can't tell from the picture LOL).

It all started when Ryan requested a Godzilla cake for his 9th birthday. I'd already decided I was not buying any more $25 bakery cakes. I googled Godzilla birthday cake and came up with two ideas. One was far, far beyond my capabilities but I decided to tackle this skyscraper. I baked two cakes and cut them in graduated square shapes. I stacked the cakes and iced the tower, to the best of my limited abilities, to look like a skyscraper. Then I rammed Godzilla into the side of the cake so he could climb the building. It came out a little more "art deco" than I intended but Ryan loved it.
An added bonus was the cost savings. Instead of $25, I spent $7 on cake mix and icing, including a fancy can of spray icing to do the windows. The Godzilla was another $8 but that's a toy Ryan will play with for a long time, unlike those cheap cake kits you get at the bakery. Even including the toy, I spent $10 LESS than the bakery!
Now, if I could just get some of that bakery icing. Mmmmmm.